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State Elected and Appointed Officials

Speaker Laurie Jinkins, WA State House of Representatives


State Judicial Officers 

Justice G. Helen Whitener, WA State Supreme Court 


County Elected and Appointed Officials

Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive

Dan Grimm, Deputy Pierce County Executive and Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Mello, Pierce County Councilmember


County Judicial Officers

Judge Susan Adams, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Sabrina Ahrens, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Jennifer Andrews, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Tim Ashcraft, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Grant Blinn, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Alicia Burton, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Bryan Chuscoff, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Clarence Henderson Jr., Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Gary Johnson, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Diana Kiesel, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Kareena Kirkendoll, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Gretchen Leanderson, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Edmund Murphy, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge André Peñalver, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Tom Quinlan, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Michael Schwartz, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Phil Sorenson, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Shelly K. Speir-Moss, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Matt Thomas, Pierce County Superior Court

Judge Kitty Anne Van Doornick, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Angelica Williams, Pierce County Superior Court 

Judge Ronald Culpepper, Pierce County Superior Court (Ret.)

Judge Frank Cuthbertson, Pierce County Superior Court (Ret.)

Judge Elizabeth Martin, Pierce County Superior Court (Ret.)

Judge Jack Nevin, Pierce County Superior Court (Ret.)


City Judicial Officers


Judge Tracy Flood, Bremerton Municipal Court



Judge Anita Crawford-Willis, Seattle Municipal Court



Judge Drew Henke, Tacoma Municipal Court


City Elected and Appointed Officials

Keith Blocker, Tacoma City Councilmember


Community Members

Jason Amala, Attorney 

Shelly Andrew, Attorney

Nicholas Andrews, Attorney

Margaret Archer, Attorney

Jessica Campbell, Attorney

Diane Clarkson, Attorney

Kellie Clifton, Attorney

Tami Cooper, Community Member 

John Cummings, Attorney

James Curtis, Attorney

Char Davidson, Community Member 

Colin Duffy, Attorney

Angela Edwards, Former Judicial Assistant

Erika Evans, Attorney

Andrew Fuller, Attorney

Keith Hall, Attorney

Melissa Hanson Gomez, Attorney 

Mary K. High, Attorney

Angela Horwath, Attorney

Desiree Hosannah, Attorney

Vernon Hosannah, Attorney

Ashley Jackson, Attorney

Jason Johnson, Attorney

Amanda Kappelman, Community Member

Kelly Kavanaugh, Attorney

Maureen Kavanaugh, Attorney

Michael Kawamura, Attorney

Vitaly Kerchen, Attorney 

Alex Kirigin, Attorney 

Steve Krupa, Attorney

William Lynn, Attorney

Ashley Lipford, Community Member

Kimberly MacDonald, Attorney

Katie and Richard Moore, Community Members

Salvador Mungia, Attorney

Jim Oliver, Attorney

Kelsey Page, Attorney

Christopher Sanders, Attorney

Naomi Smith, Attorney

Dee Sonntagg, Attorney

Jane Spencer, Attorney 

Michael Stewart, Attorney 

Reem Stewart, Attorney 

Megan and Ryan Vollmar, Community Members

Barry Wallis, Attorney

Jesse Williams, Attorney

Corddaryl Woodford, Attorney

Nancy Wright, Community Member

Robert Yu, Attorney


Endorsement Statements

"Commitment to the law and the greater Pierce County is what Judge Evans brings to the bench. We need more judges with his experience and intellect." -Ashley Jackson, Attorney

"Judge Evans is an exceptional Judge, who is well respected, well researched and has a superb understanding of nuanced areas of the law. He is well suited to represent the community through solid leadership from the bench." -Kelsey Page, Attorney

"Judge Evans has the rare combination of intelligence and common sense. Pierce County is lucky to have him!" -Judge Jennifer Andrews, Pierce County Superior Court 

"Judge Evans has dedicated his career to the Pierce County community since he graduated from law school almost 20 years ago. He grew up in Tacoma, went to law school, and immediately returned to enter public service. I'm not sure there are many judges or lawyers in Pierce County who have done more in the past decade in the area of criminal justice reform, particularly when it comes to helping at-risk youth in the community. We are fortunate to have him as a judge." -Jason Amala, Attorney

"I have known Judge Evans for many years, and am confident that he is, and will remain a great judge for Pierce County." -Keith Hall, Attorney

"Judge Evan's is a great asset to the Pierce County community and has the Judicial temperament that the Pierce County bench needs." -Judge Tracy Flood, Bremerton Municipal Court

"Joe is the epitome of reasonableness and fairness. He’s great judge of character and represents his community with excellence. We would be lucky to have him elected into the Pierce County Superior Court as a judge." -Megan and Ryan Vollmar

"Judge Joseph Evans is extremely hardworking, honest and puts his constituents at the top of his priorities. He deserves to be retained as Pierce County Superior Court Judge." -Nancy Wright

"I endorse Judge Evans in the 2022 election." -Salvador Mungia

"Judge Evans is just the type of judge Pierce County needs! I am happy to support and endorse him." -Shelly Andrew

"Judge Evans brings a strong sense of justice and a much needed perspective to the Pierce County Superior Court bench." -Mary K. High, Attorney

"I had a case in front of Judge Evans recently in an area of law that was new to him. I was very impressed with his hard work and preparation, which included his own study outside of the extensive briefing. He has a great demeanor and focus and is a strong addition to the bench." -William Lynn

"Retain Judge Evans! In the 6 months prior to my retirement, I had the honor of being Judge Evans' judicial assistant in Dept 16. His obvious knowledge of the law and the respect he shows all who appear before him make him a great asset to Pierce County Superior Court's stellar bench." -Angela Edwards, Former Judicial Assistant

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